InR3's mission is to help online businesses sell more products and improve advertising by creating photorealistic 3D models of products. We use state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques and software to create high quality, interactive models from sets of images. We provide the platform to share and embed product models and enable business owners attract and capture potential customers.

InR3 is best suited for online business owners. Owners ship their products to the InR3 studio where they are digitized and made accessible on the web. Just like displaying product photographs to attract customers, owners can easily embed or link to their 3D product model on their website.


InR3 transforms 2-dimensional image sets into full 3-dimensional graphics models of products. This literally adds an extra dimension to the look and feel of products. Customers have the freedom to handle the full 3D model on their screen which gives them a much closer-to-life feel for the product. They can rotate, pan, zoom and inspect every nook and cranny of the product just like in real life.

Model Creation

Inside the InR3 studio, images of the product are collected from all possible angles. Using advanced photogrammetry software, the product's surface is triangulated and a photorealistic texture is generated. As a result, a beautiful 3D reconstruction is made.

Boost Your Marketing

The model can be viewed in a separate window in your browser, or embedded within an existing product page.




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